Smarten up your home and get ready for winter with Enviroglaze double glazing in Plymouth!

Enviroglaze South West specialise in double glazed, energy efficient systems that not only improve the aesthetics of your home but drastically improve the energy lost through your old windows.

It may not seem important now, mid-summer with temperatures in the mid 20’s, but your windows are one of the biggest contributors to heat loss during the winter months. In fact, around 35% of heat will escape from the walls and gaps in and around your windows!  Choosing the style of your windows can be exciting, a fresh now look is on the way! However, it can also take time and let’s face it, having windows replaced over the winter months certainly can be done, but why wait until your desperate and its cold and windy?!  At Enviroglaze we have a complete range of double-glazing windows (and doors!) so you will always find ones that would suit the age and feel of your property.

Another benefit to replacing those drafty, energy inefficient windows is the ease of Enviroglaze’s specially designed open/close mechanisms, as well as a range of safety locks and various ‘on the latch’ mechanisms. Many older window designs involve your windows being completely closed or wide open. This may be okay for second floor windows that are harder to access, but this is not the design you want for windows at ground level, particularly when you have a house near a path or road. Our ‘on the latch’ designs mean you can feel safe and secure in having your windows ajar, for a gentle refreshing breeze flowing through your home keeping it light and fresh. Our double glazing design also provides extra security, with single pane glaze being much easier to break by accident or deliberately by thieves.

If Eco friendly is your way of living, Enviroglaze are the people you need to speak too. Our double glazing projects across Plymouth have enabled family’s to reduce their carbon footprint and make a financial saving. Double glazing is also well known for reducing the noise pollution so if you live near a busy road or a skate park where the kids keep you up at night, then double glazing is definitely a great option for you!

Here is a few more benefits of having double glazing UPVC window replacements by Enviroglaze South West;

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Tough.
  • 30+ years lifetime.
  • Available in a range of colours.

So if you are looking for quality replacement windows or double glazing in Plymouth look no further than Enviroglaze South West Ltd for your free quote. Enviroglaze South West Ltd are insurance approved, carry out maintenance contracts and offer free estimates and advice on all types of glass and glazing projects. Free glass safety inspections can be carried out on request.

Simply call us today on 01752 875777

Enviroglaze smart double glazing technology!
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